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Formerly two separate businesses, we - Caroline and Graham - combined to create Craeftigan (it means Craftsmen in Anglo-Saxon), and have been designing and making a wide range of props, costume and much more besides for Film, Theatre, Museums, Live Action Roleplay, SCA and Re-enactment for over 20 years

Between us we have a huge range of skill that we can bring to your projects ranging from the above props and clothes making and design to leatherwork, weaving, wood working/carving, natural cloth dying, basketry, mould making and casting in many materials. If we don’t have the skill ourselves we know many other top quality crafts people that can.

We are based in the beautiful mid Devon countryside, we pride ourselves on the quality, durability and level of detail of our work and endeavour to create a continuous variety of beautiful merchandise and custom order pieces, whether they are historical based or of our own or your design.

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